TramStation V1.3

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Yes, the app will cost small money - is subject to a fee. Anyway you will get a full featured license for at least one day free of charge – so give it a try.

Note: In case you’ve still paid your fee, it remains valid! No need to do anything. :)

Be aware that it's a hard work to develop such an app and a fee is a kind of 'thank you' for hundreds of hours the developer spend.



  • Entertainment service: Watch a typical tram station scenario over a day. Up to 29 different persons, animals, cars, trains etc. will entertain you.
  • Billboard Service: At a billboard in front of the tram bridge tiny InternNews is shown in a random fashion. In addition a big billboard on a truck can be requested showing you all other kind of InterNews.
  • Time and date service: The day, time, CW and date in nearly every language is shown. Currently up to 17 languages are supported.
    Note: Maybe some translations are missing. But in case you provide your translation to me I will update the corresponding language resource file. It's also possible to add new language files. Don't hesitate and tell me what is missing.
  • Current weather service: The actual weather (incl. the expected wind speed and air pressure) for a fixed or GPS dependent location is shown. In addition the expected sun duration of the day is available.
  • Weather forecast service: The forecast is broken down into 3 hour steps of either today, today and next day or today and the next two days. It’s split into a sun information (e.g. temperature and expected sunshine duration) and a rain information (e.g. rain probability and amount).
    Note: A detailed documentation of the weather forecast graphs can be found in the section "Weather Configuration" in the settings - press the corresponding "howto" button.
    Note: The time of the last weather update as well as the corresponding weather location can be found respective left and right hand side as part of the current weather InfoPanel.
  • Feed service: Up to 3 feeds are configurable. You will get the latest news of up to 40+ selectable preconfigured feeds, a google alert search or your own feed selection. RSS as well as ATOM feeds are supported.
  • Stock/ currency value service: Nearly all stock, indices and currency values provided by (stock identifiers are nearly equal to Yahoo! finance) are selectable and shown in a nice table structure.
  • Calendar service: A configurable calendar view with public holidays support.
    Note: I got a couple of questions, if the personal google/ apple calendar dates are supported too. The simple answer is: No. Why? The Javascript layer of the pebble app doesn’t provide any access to the calendar information. Due to this it’s technical not feasible. However – believe me that in case you get your pebble timeline it won’t ask anymore because pebble will provide all dates in your personal timeline. ;)
  • Notification service: You can be informed every 15 minutes, every 30 minutes or every hour by a short vibration.
  • Bluetooth info service: Get informed by a short vibration in case the Bluetooth connection gets lost.
    Note: If you don't like it, you can deactivate it in the settings. But sometimes it's useful because you get feedback if you are going to lose your smartphone. ;)
  • Network service: In case errors occur during data transfer between smartphone and pebble, a corresponding message will be shown instead of the weekday. In the same place you will get info if features are deactivated or time rules prevent information get send to pebble.
    Note: Have a glance at the progress bar in the top of your screen, In case an "error" occurs it's drawn bold.




Have you seen the FAQ-Tab? More than often your question will be answered after reading the FAQs. ;)

The Panels

Beside the Time- and SystemPanel two billboards alias "Panels" are provided: The middle panel is a small one (alias "SmallPanel") the bottom panel is a big one (alias "BigPanel").

The SmallPanel was - as the name still says - intended to provide tiny InterNews. You'll see the course of the sun, news tickers, stocks or currency values, weather forecast or a tiny calendar (with public holidays).

The BigPanel at the bottom provides different InfoPanels. Means it's a dynamic and fully configurable content layer. The content either changes (preconfigured) every 60 secs or by accelerator control. In later case a simple turn of your wrist will switch to the next available content.

Note: A detailed usage documentation of the accelerator control can be found in the section "InfoPanel Configuration" - press the corresponding "howto" button.

The Settings

A settings dialog is provided in the pebble app. It offers a brunch of settings - nearly everything is configurable. In particular you can configure the InfoPanel switch duration, enable/ disable accelerator control, individual portfolios composed of stocks, indices or currencies etc. provided by Yahoo finance, your public holiday location out of 38 countries, your individual language, a color scheme etc..

It’s worth mentioning that the visibility of InfoPanels can be configured.

You have an opportunity to disable the calendar and/ or the weather forecast InfoPanels in general.

Furthermore you can configure a general "load info for InfoPanel" alias InfoPanel timeframe (below "InfoPanel Configuration") or an individual portfolio time rule (below "Stock/ Currency Configuration"). In later case the display duration in regard to weekdays, all days etc. and a defined timeframe is configurable.

Note: Imagine you don’t want infos are reloaded during the night. Just define a general InfoPanel timeframe.

Note: In case you defined such a general InfoPanel timeframe and you are out of this timeframe a message "no info time" occurs. The property affects the availability of news, stocks, currencies and public holidays - no surprise. ;) Weather is an exception and is independent of any timeframe. It's always gathered from the internet.

In particular the weather configuration should be taken into account.

You have to select a fixed weather location because it's a fallback in case GPS can't locate you. To ease the configuration of your fixed location you can search either per name token or by GPS a weather station near to you.

Per default the GPS location is used to show an individual weather/ weather forecast. This can be disabled by enabling "Only fix location" in the settings. As a result only the configured fixed location is shown - your GPS location isn't used any more.

Note: You will find GPS options. Normally there is no need to change the options! Only in case your GPS can't reliable find your location, you can adapt the properties "accuracy", "timeout" and "cache time" of your GPS device appropriate.

Note: In case you want to change the "weather forecast switch duration" you have to change the "InfoPanel switch duration". Why? The "weather forecast switch duration" always equals to the half of the "InfoPanel switch duration".