No further Samsung app(s)! 27.03.2022 09:20

Samsung claims to alone decide who can develop for its devices or not. As a result, Samsung has surprisingly blocked any further update of our Samsung apps in the app store without giving any reason... read more

Everything is new in May - bumped app versions 12.05.2020 21:40

Maybe it’s somewhat contradictory when in days of a global „shutdown“ a brisk dynamic starts. But unsurprisingly, if data providing services aren’t any longer available, new ones must be found. And happily, our watchface met great popularity! In reaction users send a lot of valuable feedback to us. ... read more

DigiBeachWatch for Samsung Gear released 04.05.2020 19:28

In days of Corona it’s most likely that no regular vacation will take place. So it’s at the moment not ensured that everybody will in 2020 relax in the lounge chair and can watch the lively hustle and bustle of other tourists, local residents, tropic animals or foreign curiosities. But by having DigiBeachWatch... read more

DigiFishTank for Samsung Gear released 01.04.2020 19:00

Everyday life is oftentimes rather drab, so who would not like to have more nature to feel better? The new FishTank watchface shows everyday life of different kinds of sharks, divers, whales, rays, sailors etc. in a nice looking deep blue sea scenario. Also a great white shark passes occasionally. But... read more

DigiInfoWatch for Samsung Gear released 25.03.2020 21:19

Now that the settings companion app is finally online, DigiInfoWatch starts the Samsung App Store review process. A lot of Gear InfoWatch users asked for a digital “clone”. Even through the Samsung Gear Smartwatch is a round clock variant and someone would expect a traditional hands watchface, the digital... read more

Gear InfoWatch Companion App! 09.02.2020 18:05

After a long period the Gear InfoWatch Companion App passed successful the review process in the Samsung App Store. Due to Corona the review lasted a little longer than expected - up to 5 weeks. However now the Companion App is available.Without companion app you can't change watchface settings like... read more

InfoWatch for Samsung Gear released 01.02.2020 18:03

After a long development period we proudly present the InfoWatch Gear watchface. Based on the proved InfoWatch watchface we provided for the successful pebble smartwatch over years, Gear InfoWatch steps forward in a new age. A little bit sorry about that pebble had to close down, we had to look in the... read more