Professional Webpages

Normally you would see a bunch of nice-looking webpages at this point. We guarantee a nice-looking webpage as a matter of course. „Klickibunti“ Webpages are widespread. Most pages are initial cheap build and ramped up but after a few days the content is outdated.

Why? Published text is never read and updated again. Often, it’s not really feasible because data is distributed anywhere. Or do you know on which page an E-Mail address or telephone number of a dedicated person is published?

Our web pages are differnet! They are mainly based on master data stored in a database (short: DB). In a consequence an E-Mail or telephone number must only updated in a central data record stored in the DB. After the update the new data is shown everywhere the data was referenced. No further need to search and update the individual data manually.

Put briefly: „Klickibunti“ Webpages are easy to create but later in its lifecycle they become more and more time-consuming and are more or less not updateable.

In our case it's the “other way around”. Maybe the creation is a little more time-consuming but afterwards things are very easy. No additional manual maintenance efforts. No daily struggling with layout issues. Just edit the data and enjoy the freedom of having updated nice looking information anywhere. 

Now its up to you what you prefere...