Typo3 based MotoGo Plugins

Typo3 is a kind of operation system (alias OS) for web-based system development. In particular if dynamic content generation is necessary, it’s currently one of the best choices for midsize up to large scaled organizations. Sure it’s not the easiest, at first sight. But a little bit similar to the well known DOS or Bash Shell it's a kind of Swiss Army Knife.

In regard to plugin development it provides a lot of really great concepts. Build upon this we created a fully featured advanced plugin concept, that’s realized in the scope of our MotoGoLib.

Every plugin we provide is based on our powerful MotoGoLib Framework. It encompasses a colorful bouquet of ready to use functionalities and solution concepts. If its demanded to store data, read data, represent data by using bootstrap, pure CSS ore more mobile as a jquery mobile view, or if data shall be exported in an EXCEL document, a XML or JSON file etc. all such functionality is still available and direct usable.

Why to implement such functionality again and again?

Furthermore, granted rights for entities, attributes, workflows or actions, full featured security, modular plugin concepts are ready to use and are meanwhile multi times optimized, improved or extended each new version that is released until today.

Having nearly 80% of every business process still implemented in a generic fashion only 20% remains to do. It’s comparable with the toy "lego". Having ready build stones, nearly everything can be built more easily.

Self-explanatory such an approach it’s less effort and less bug prone. Due to this it's a win-win situation for any customer of us as well as for the MotoGo as a service provider.