Pebble Apps

Smartwatches could not be considered to be a smartphone. Having a smaller display, a intentionally not so powerful hardware and distinctive usability drawbacks a smartwatch is finally what it is, a watch. But why not add interesting additional information to the shown watchface?

Maybe some people in the past were interested in the various phases of the moon. But most people only had a glance to the shown time and date. Shown moon phases more or less was a mechanical challenge watchmaker succeeded.

Nowadays having internet nearly everywhere, breaking news, arrived Whatsapp messages, latest sport results or stock quotes are additional information that can be shown too at the wrist beside time and date. Due to this, smartwatches aren’t a pure gadget. Smartwatches are a valuable complement.

All our apps are intended to bring additional information and/ or a little fun on your wrist:

A short history

Pebble was one of the first smartwatch-makers having fully understood human needs. Coming from a bicycle computer having a smartphone connection, the hardware switched into a smartwatch intended to be a smartphone extension. The company was founded per Kickstarter, focused apple but also claimed to support android devices.

Finally, they nearly fully supported android rather than apple. This is due, among other reasons, to the fact that apple had restrictions in the apple app store or to grand access to iPhone resources which made it nearly impossible to provide a usable, fully integrated solution to the iPhone owner. But a long time it was the only solution.

As apple released their apple watch, Pebbles air was cut off. About 20 months later regretfully Pebble broke and finally had to shut down in December, 2017. It’s a pity, because until today it was the most successful implementation of a smartwatch concept having a long lasting battery even through an always on display is built in.