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Smartwatches could not be considered to be a smartphone. Having a smaller display, a intentionally not so powerful hardware and distinctive usability drawbacks a smartwatch is finally what it is, a watch. But why not add interesting additional information to the shown watchface?

Maybe some people in the past were interested in the various phases of the moon. But most people only had a glance to the shown time and date. Shown moon phases more or less was a mechanical challenge watchmaker succeeded.

Nowadays having internet nearly everywhere, breaking news, arrived Whatsapp messages, latest sport results or stock quotes are additional information that can be shown too at the wrist beside time and date. Due to this, smartwatches aren’t a pure gadget. Smartwatches are a valuable complement.

All our apps are intended to bring additional information and/ or a little fun on your wrist.

Our Apps

Our Apps



Why is it necessary to enter name and E-Mail just for the purpose of a trail licence request?

Counter question – how will you get your licence key? It’s send to the E-Mail you entered. ;)

In case you pay the licence fee, in most cases only your passed E-Mail address facilitates me to find and unlock the key. Only in seldom cases customers enter their licence key in the notification field of the PayPal form - what would be preferable.

Isn’t the E-Mail used for SPAM?

No … ok, sometimes I send an update notification/ newsletter just for information purposes. If you don’t like it, unsubscribe and you won’t get any E-Mail any more.

I requested a trail licence but no E-Mail arrived – what`s wrong?

In most cases you entered a wrong E-Mail address! I get a MAILER-DAEMON message in turn and can’t react to it. Without an E-Mail I can’t inform or help you. ;)

I paid but the licence is still locked?

I’ve to unlock the licence key manually. Due to this it lasts sometimes a little bit. In particular if you paid the licence during the night falls in Germany. ;)

As soon I’m got up in the morning I’ll unlock your key. Until now each licence was unlocked!

However, don’t hesitate to write a short E-Mail reminder.

Sometimes I’m vain searching your key because you didn’t provide your licence key in the notification field and you registered your key with the name Neo and an E-Mail like - not really helpful in case your real name is Max Mustermann and your E-Mail is

I often get a “timeout” message?

The Javascript engine in the pebble app improved but isn’t stable yet. Sometimes the engine simple dies. :( In such cases the pebble can’t talk to the Javascript server part and a frequent “timeout” message is a obvious but annoying result.

In such cases I’ve to open my android settings, scroll to the pebble app, open the corresponding App-Info and I force the app to stop. After a restart of the pebble app the Javascript engine is working again and the pebble gets info in time.

The problem is well known and reported to pebble. Hopefully pebble will fix the issue in the near future.

Settings dialog won’t open?

The settings are placed in a browser window that’s embedded in the pebble app. Sometimes the window hangs, or the web page of the settings can’t be loaded into it. However, as a result no settings page appears.

Only as a trail open the settings of any other app. In case it succeeds, try to open the settings page again. Sometimes it helps. Otherwise restart the pebble app.

The problem is well known and reported to pebble. Hopefully pebble will fix the issue in the near future.

Accelerator Control – how to use?

First enable accelerator control below “InfoPanel Configuration”. Per default the property is disabled. Below the property you can find a button that shows you a short documentation how to use accelerator control.

Accelerator Control – doesn’t works?

Please read “Accelerator Control – how to use?” first. ;)

We implemented the choice of a simple and a good gesture recognition algorithm. The challenge is to prevent wrong recognition of movements vs. detection of intended gestures without the power of mathematics such as FFT or DWT.

Maybe the additional hardware of pebble time will enable the use of more powerful mathematics but until now the "old" pebble models can’t run such kind of calculations.

So most likely you'll need a little bit practice but in the end it's really simple. And believe me, it truly works! I’m using it daily.

Animated Watchaces? Nothing happens – where are the sprites?

Is your Pebble in "Quiet Mode"? Did you expect something happening if you requested your watch to be "quiet"? After disabling the "Quiet Mode" things will change.

Please be aware that animation activity (per default) corresponds to the actual battery level. To save battery live normally animation is reduced according to battery state.

Pebbles History

Pebbles History

Pebble was one of the first smartwatch-makers having fully understood human needs. Coming from a bicycle computer having a smartphone connection, the hardware switched into a smartwatch intended to be a smartphone extension. The company was founded per Kickstarter, focused apple but also claimed to support android devices.

Finally, they nearly fully supported android rather than apple. This is due, among other reasons, to the fact that apple had restrictions in the apple app store or to grand access to iPhone resources which made it nearly impossible to provide a usable, fully integrated solution to the iPhone owner. But a long time it was the only solution.

As apple released their apple watch, Pebbles air was cut off. About 20 months later regretfully Pebble broke and finally had to shut down in December, 2017. It’s a pity, because until today it was the most successful implementation of a smartwatch concept having a long lasting battery even through an always on display is built in.