News Manager

News meanwhile is the elementary content what’s mostly requested or provided. In a short form you want to know or to tell, what’s new, has changed or more general, what’s up? Important is – surprise, surprise – that a news is new. Older ones must be still available but not directly on landing page. Really old ones belong to a (hidden) archive.

A news will use text, but more important images to be catchy, fast and good understandable. In particular good images say more than 1000 words. Related links, attached documents or an additional report can provide more additional information. Sometimes a news has a relationship to a past or upcoming event part of a calendar.

Our typo3 plugin is based on our MotoGo Lib and in consequence inherits its full potential. In our base version following features are implemented and directly usable:

  • A configurable teaser news list can provide last news on e.g. a landing page.
  • A sortable and filterable news list provides any still readable “older” news.
  • A date field specifies news no longer presented in any news list but in an archive.
  • A detail view per news shows images, links, attached documents, assigned calendar events etc.
  • In a “hidden frontend area” the list of all not archived news is accessible. This list provides all functionalities needed for news management.
  • In particular search and sort opportunities provide a good overview over all news.
  • Also in the “hidden frontend area” a list of all archived news is accessible. This list provides all functionalities needed for archived news management.
  • News can be extended to reports having additional text and an image gallery.
  • Optionally calendar categories as well as events are select- and assignable in a news.
  • (Filtered) news entries can be exported in an EXCEL list.
  • (Filtered) news entries can be provided as news RSS feed.
  • News entries are also available and editable in typo3 backend.

In case listed features aren't enough, it’s simple to add own news entry fields or verifications. Also, it’s simple to extend the base functionality with own actions alias functionalities. The simplicity of the MotoGo Lib ensures that it’s a matter of few configuration changes or additional lines of code.

Moreover, for all frontend output pure CSS, jquery mobile as well as bootstrap layout can be used. Whereby it poses no problem to use two layouts in one solution if necessary. Thus the news teaser list view can be part of a jquery page, even though the news management is performed in a separate bootstrap environment.

Time to have a glance to our game changing teaser news list.