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Entschuldigung, dass der nachfolgende Text in Englisch ist. Jedoch ist das Publikum dieser Seite zusehends international und so manch Deutscher ist ja mittlerweile auch des Englischen mächtig.

Note: Please use firmware V2.9 beta or all firmwares below or equal V2.6 to run the app. Why? The firmwares V 2.7 and V 2.8.X are buggy.


animated screenshots
news scroll panel
weather/ forecast of the week
weather forecast
rain amount and probability
calendar and public holidays
stock details

Precise we offer a watchapp for your pebble, that ...

  • is enabled for android as well as for i-Phones.
  • provides a calendar for the duration of a year. In the month view public holidays are marked. A detailed date/ name list is shown by a click of the select button. You can step 6 month in the past and 6 month in the future. The calendar is currently localized in 16 languages.
    Note: Maybe some translations are missing. But in case you provide your translation to me I will update the corresponding language resource file. It's also possible to add new language files. Don't hesitate and tell me.
  • provides news over news. A lot of feeds are still preconfigured, such as n-tv, stern, heise, New York Times, Yahoo, BBC, Le Figero etc. In addition own google alerts (by passing a search token) or own feeds (by passing a HTML link) are configurable. In later case select the special feeds "My own Google search" or "My own RSS feed" in the feed list respectively. Up to ten configured feeds are finally available on your pebble.
  • provides the feed text in a scroll view. Due to this you can scroll the text by a click on the up and down buttons. Nearly the full feed text is shown to you.
  • provides stock and currency portfolios to you. Use the Yahoo finance stock identifier notation (e.g. "" for the german Commerzbank or "EURCHF" for the corresponding exchange rate) to build your own portfolios, or use predefined ones like the DAX, TecDax, CAC40, SMI, DJI or DJT. Up to 4 portfolios are configurable.
    Note: The Dow Jones isn’t provided by Yahoo. The limitation is due to restrictions by the Dow Jones Index. Yahoo! is no longer able to provide Dow Jones Index data in this manner. I apologize for any inconvenience caused.
  • gives a brunch of details in regard to each stock, index etc.. In a tab view you get basic details, further details and - if available - a historical (up to 96 values encompassing) chart. The chart shows beside the daily market value the corresponding volume.
    Note: Press the up and down buttons to step through the tabs.
  • provides the weather/ forecast (incl. the expected max/ min temperature, sunrise, sunset and sunshine duration over the day) of today and the next 6 days. The weather forecast of a 24 hours day is broken down into 3 hour steps and it's split into a sun information (means temperature and expected sunshine duration) and a rain information (means rain probability and amount).
    Notes: A detailed documentation of the weather forecast graphs can be found in the section "Weather Configuration" - press the "howto" button. The time of the last weather update as well as the corresponding weather location can be found respective left and right hand side as part of the weather InfoPanel.
  • provides a brunch of settings - nearly everything is configurable. In particular you can configure individual portfolios composed of stocks, indices or currencies etc. provided by Yahoo finance, your public holiday location out of 38 countries, your individual language, an inverted color scheme etc..
  • provides settings for the weather. You can select fixed locations or determine your current location by GPS. To ease the configuration of your fixed location you can search either per name token or by GPS a weather station actually near to you.
    Note: You will find more GPS options in the "Weather Configuration" section. Normally there is no need to change the options! Only in case your GPS can't reliable find your location, you can adapt the properties "accuracy", "timeout" and "cache time" of your GPS device appropriate.
  • has a reliable network layer. In case errors occur during data transfer between smartphone and pebble, a corresponding message will be shown instead in the bottom InfoPanel.

Yes, the app will cost small money - is subject to a fee. Anyway you will get a full featured license for at least on day free of charge - so give it a try. But be aware that it's a hard work to develop such an app and a fee is a kind of 'thank you' for hundreds of hours the developer spend. Click here to find the app in the pebble market.

Important Notes:

  • Everywhere a long 'back button' click ends app!
  • In addition to the pebble variant you can find a historical android variant in the google play store too. Here is a link. This won't be updated any more. Please use the pebble only variant instead!


The old V2.0 was a first shot of a great idea. First realizations of great ideas tend to be not perfect. However the recently in the pebble market released V3.0 hast the potential to be perfect – I hope so. ;) Why? I spend my little spare time for a complete reimplementation and a couple of tests.

New features:

  • A new intuitive menu structure that can be adapted to your individual needs and wishes. No fix menu entries any more. All entries can be configured.
  • Calendar of the last 6 and the next 6 months. Shown public holidays are provided from up to 38 countries/ locations. Thanks to the json service provided by Enrico.
  • New portfolio configuration feasibility.
  • A couple of new RSS/ ATOM feeds are selectable in the settings.
  • Detailed weather forecasts in diagram style showing the prognosis for the selected day in 3 hour intervals.
  • Stock charts are provided – if available. Up to 96 historical prices and daily volumes are shown.
  • GPS configuration feasibilities to address individual device issues.


  • A significantly better designed settings dialog.
  • More feed entries are provided and now the full feed text is shown in a scroll-layer.
  • Each feed entry could be used in any way as preconfigured feed, custom defined feed or google search “feed” – now it’s up to you what you will see.
  • Per pebble up and down button click selectable tab elements are used to provide more detail of weather (forecast) and stock information.
  • Complete new look and feel based on an own GUI lib.
  • Implemented a sophisticated reload operation and a better error handling. In a status layer at the bottom of the screen all currently ongoing operations/ states are reported.
  • Some properties (e.g. the invert setting) are stored pebble side.
  • A lot of bugs and crashes are fixed.

Known problem:

  • Some special chars are not shown in the feeds. For example the words with accent and the spanish letter "ñ", doesn't show correctly. I use the pebble system fonts to show news texts. Due to this you have to use pebblebits to generate a system font set also covering your local chars.
  • Sometimes the settings dialog will not open and instead an endlessly animated gif cycle is shown. This is a pebble app "bug"/ problem. A simple solution is to retry after you opened another setting dialog. Sorry I've no influence on this and can't fix anything. In case you know how please tell me. :)


Ab heute gibt es zwei InfoCenter Varianten, welche aber im letztendlich angebotenen Funktionsumfang gleich sind.

1. Variante: Die InfoCenter pebble App wird über sideloading aus der Android Companion App auf die pebble gespielt. Die Konfiguration erfolgt über die Companion App. Dies ist die Weiterführung des alten Konzeptes, welches aber bis dato nur Android User glücklich machte.

2. Variante: Neu im pebble Store ist nun die InfoCenter pebble App verfügbar, welche ohne Companion App auskommt und über das Javascript Configuration Interface, d.h. ein komplettes web-basiertes Interface alle Funktionen der Android Companion App der Variante 1 anbietet. Ja, damit kommen nun endlich auch die iPhone Besitzer in das Vergnügen den InfoCenter nutzen zu können.

Die Lizenzierung der beiden Varianten läuft vollends verschieden. Die Variante 2 bietet aber zusätzlich einen Tag freie Nutzung der App, um den vollen Funktionsumfang 24 Stunden kostenfrei bewerten zu können.

Die Änderungen in Kürze: Ein neuer Wetter Provider, detailliertere Wettervorhersagen, beliebig wählbare/ konfigurierbare Wetter-Lokalitäten, beliebig konfigurierbare RSS/ ATOM Feeds, Google Alerts neben den vorkonfigurierten News, beliebig konfigurierbare Aktien Portfolios, neben Standard Indizes, viele Bugfixes und Verbesserungen - ich wünsche allen Nutzern viel Spaß!

Did you see the FAQ?

Please contact us if you have questions or any issues.

Mein Profil

Ich bin seit 1999 im Java Umfeld tätiger Web-Entwickler. Von der JDK 1.1 kommend, habe ich die Entwicklung bis zur JSE 7.0 im industriellen Umfeld miterlebt.

Parallel hat mich das Potential von Typo3 fasziniert. Von der Version 3.8 kommend, habe ich die Entwicklung bis zur heutigen 8.7. mitvollzogen. Dabei hat mich zusehends immer mehr PHP als Sprache mit idealem WEB Charakter begeistert.

Android oder iOS schlägt nun die Brücke zwischen den beiden Welten und eröffnet dabei ganz neue Möglichkeiten.

Als zertifizierter SPiCE Provisional Assessor (ISO 15504) lege ich im Rahmen der Entwicklung sehr viel Wert auf qualitativ hochwertige Ergebnisse.