Gear InfoWatch Companion App! 09.02.2020 18:05

The Gear InfoWatch Companion App started the review process in the Samsung App Store. Assuming that no complaint pop up it will be available soon. So please be patient. In a few days you can configure Gear InfoWatch as you want and need.Without companion app you can't change watchface settings like ... read more

InfoWatch for Samsung Gear released 01.02.2020 18:03

After a long development period we proudly present the InfoWatch Gear watchface. Based on the proved InfoWatch watchface we provided for the successful pebble smartwatch over years, Gear InfoWatch steps forward in a new age. A little bit sorry about that pebble had to close down, we had to look in the... read more

Happy New Year good old Pebble 08.01.2020 19:46

Everything changes and is in a flow. So it comes as no surprise that some data provider stop providing raw data or must change their application programming interface. In consequence shown data of in 2016 developed watchfaces can be affected.For example, the formally free available stock quotes of Yahoo... read more

Pebble InfoWatch 27.10.2019 20:33

In December 2016 a last Pebble InfoWatch update was performed to support the new Pebble time 2 models too. In reaction to the surprising shut down of Pebble no further effort was invested to update the existent watchfaces anymore. But as promised the operation of still payed licences was ensured until... read more

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